Our Clients

Picco Executive Search offers our clients customized high quality executive search services – Backed by world class research capabilities, strong regional networks and unique search methodologies, we source for critical key talents from the APAC region and beyond, offering our clients cross border exposure to a high quality pool of qualified and experienced candidates.

Our diverse portfolio of clients cuts across a variety of disciplines and industries. We specialize in mid manager to senior executive C-levels search assignments within the markets that we specialized in, examples include Regional/ Global Managers and Functional Leaders, Country Managers, C-suites and highly specialised functions (appointments).

We help our clients achieve competitiveness and success in today’s challenging and ever evolving business environment. We achieve this by assisting them to identify and recruit top talents and leaders to meet strategic business needs. These are highly qualified individuals who have the background, skills, experience and motivation required to ensure our clients’ successes.

Why our clients work with us

Our clients appreciate our meticulous approach in solving their need to recruit world-class leadership strategically and efficiently.

Business Partner
We are first and foremost their HR business partner, not just a recruiting partner.  We understand that our clients have costs and time considerations amongst other business metrics to take care of. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to assess holistically their critical talent needs that will complement our clients’ strategic business goals.

To assist hiring managers in their succession planning for the short, mid and long-term, we help to identify key potential talents in strategic roles and functions to empower businesses and leaders to reach their strategic business goals in business continuity, growth and longevity.

Dedicated desks and expertise in niche assignments
All our assignments are conducted with a holistic approach and a personal touch as our clients work with a dedicated key account manager and will always receive our undivided attention and commitment in our work. This approach has been proven to be highly successful and enable us to develop and maintain synergetic and collaborative working relationships with our clients.

Extensive regional network
Our strong regional networks extend beyond Singapore to regional and international grounds in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as the USA and European continents.

Along with unique search methodologies, highly collaborative partnership with our clients and world class research capabilities, we are confident in identifying the best fit candidates for your organisation.